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December 1, 2009

Contest: Microsoft .NET Framework - Tell us Your Story

The EPiServer Gadget Contest 2009 has officially ended and we're glad to announce a new contest from Microsoft: Tell us Your Story - Microsoft .NET Framework.

The contest is about telling your story about how did you use the .NET Framework to create a killer app and what parts of the .NET Framework did you use to develop it? What challenge did you solve and how did you integrate your solution with other solutions and systems?

Simply share your interesting, powerful and unique solutions based on the latest Microsoft technologies, and you can win one of $16,000 in prizes, or be the absolute winner to choose of a 12-day Galapagos Islands Adventure, or a new Smart Car.

There are two ways to win:
1) Judges Choice: Impress the panel of technology industry leaders and Microsoft gurus for a chance to win a trip, a car, a home entertainment system, or a media internet tablet PC.
2) People's Choice: Get friends, family, and colleagues to vote for your solution. Receive the most votes and win one of three ARCHOS 320 GB Media Internet Tablet PCs.

Get started today! Visit to enter your solution now and you’ll automatically be entered in the People’s Choice category. Then create a demo that showcases the power and uniqueness of your solution, and come back to add a link to your demo so you’re officially entered in the Judges’ Choice category!

The Entry Period of the contest ends at 5:00 p.m. PT on December 31, 2009. For more information about the contest please visit and make sure to read the official rules.

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