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October 8, 2009

Vote for DrupalCon Copenhagen in 2010

It's time to choose the next location for DrupalCon 2010 in Europe. The voting is already open for the two candidates: Berlin and Copenhagen. It's a close tie right now (50/50), but the voting is open till October 13, and it's totally impossible to predict the final results.

The Danish DrupalCon Team has done a tremendous job and drafted an outstanding proposal to prove Copenhagen is the perfect place for the next DrupalCon. Among the many reasons, it would be worth to mention that the Danish Drupal community "has organized 3 DrupalCamps, some DrupalDay events, and a lot of meetups. The DrupalCamps have taken place in Copenhagen, each time with more than 100 attendees and a strong showing of international Drupal developers. At each camp, we have made a big effort to reach out to new users and businesses."

Denmark is quite unique in its approach for Drupal. Danish businesses, from small companies to large corporations, acknowledge Drupal as the best solution for their online needs. Just few stunning examples. The newly released is probably the biggest Drupal site ever built (and yes, it's made by Propeople). On the other hand, one of the biggest Danish media holding Berlingske Media is moving all their sites to Drupal. Drupal is hitting really hard in Denmark and the international Drupal community can show their support to accelerate this trend.

Having the DrupalCon in Copenhagen is an advantage for both the community and for the local business climate. The community can benefit from unique insights and case studies presented by Danish companies, while Danish businesses will feel rewarded to have the entire Drupal community focusing attention on them.

Denmark is the gateway to Scandinavia. Many Danish businesses have close connections in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland. DrupalCon Copenhagen will bring Drupal into focus in the entire Scandinavia and push Drupal beyond Denmark's border.

Finally, you know when in Denmark you'll probably drink the best beer in the world.

Vote now for DrupalCon Copenhagen!

P.S. DrupalCon Copenhagen proposal is both for 2010 and 2011, so make sure you vote for DrupalCon Copenhagen in 2011 also. Just to increase our chances.

P. P.S. You'll need to create a user account on to be able to vote.

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